When in Rome, Do as Romans
When in Bali, Do as Balinese

As promised in the last blog post that I’m going to do a second part where I want to mention a few do’s and don’ts if you’re traveling to Bali. The reason I wanted to jot them down was that Balinese have a very close association with their culture and they get extremely resentful and offended if someone tries to disrespect them or their culture just by not following some effortless and elementary rules.

Try covering parts of Bali which are non-commercialised because that helps you get to know a place better.
2. Always wear a helmet if you are renting a scooter. Even if you are renting any other vehicle, please follow traffic rules. Balinese barely honk or rush or cross red signals.
3. Take your shoes off when entering a temple or even a home. You might have to do it in some shops as well.
4. Always dress decently when you are visiting a temple. Wear a sarong and a temple scarf in order to cover your shoulder, waist and legs.
5. Use only Blue Bird taxis, they are government taxis so it costs you cheaper plus safety.
6. Whenever asking someone to get something or having any conversation, face your palm downwards.
7. Be patient while conversing, most of the Balinese don’t know even English
8. If you are a food lover then I recommend you to try family cafes and local restaurants. Avoid having a meal that you already eat during your daily routine.

1. Skip sunscreen even one day. I skipped it because I am too lazy but now, it will take forever to get rid of the tan.
2. Use any unmarked car/ private taxis. First, it will cost you double as compared to Blu Bird taxis and Secondly., your safety should be your priority.
3. Try to haggle around just for the sake of it. Every single person that I met on my trip was so polite that I would rather prefer paying them the amount that they asked for.
4. Throwing plastic or any sort of waste in the ocean or on the streets is a big no. Please do not throw any kind of waste in the ocean. Bali has some breathtaking and the cleanest islands ever. None of us have the right to do injustice to nature.

And that’s a wrap up, Sorry for delaying it for almost a week. Let me know in the comments below any of your constructive feedbacks which can help us grow together.
Until next time,
Adi Anjaani

12 months ago


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