I am still confused if I am a beach person or a mountain person. While anything surreal or peaceful makes me want to visit that place. Bali, nobody can take away your beauty from you. So, this was my first ever beach trip with my parents. Not that it makes any difference but my dad is also a person who would miss literally anything for a beautiful sunset or a peaceful evening and I really wanted to see this side of him . Anyway, today’s blog post is a little sneak into the itinrary that I followed up. I hope it helps you if you are planning to visit Bali in near future. 

We were staying at Four points by Sheraton, Kuta, Central Bali which was approx 2km away from Kuta beach. We  would generally prefer walking because the lanes were too small to fit our taxi into plus it had a flea market so we would always end up shopping something or the other.

Day 1
Ocean rafting 3 Island  day cruise

We had booked a cruise by Bali hai on private basis to experience sightseeing and snorkeling at Indonesia’s finest pristine coral reefs. 
Covering the south coast of Nusa Penida and view coastal cliffs, bat rocks, visit pristine bays, white deserted beaches, and some bumpy wavy cruise rides.

Day 2
Full day Kintamani volcano tour with Ubud village and Bali swing 

Surprisingly I always used to get up for breakfast at 7 and we would leave the hotel at 8:30-9am. Right after breakfast,  we first visited the Batubulan village which is famous for Batik and hand weaving then to the Celuk village and Mas village which are known for silver and gold works and wood carving respectively.
Later, we proceeded to the Kintamani volcano which was last active in 2010 as mentioned by the locals.  This trip took me up close and personal with the essence of Bali. I can’t even put into words how breathtaking the volcano view was. Really. I now realize that this day was pretty much hectic, we had been to so many places in just 24 hours. Bali Swing was few kilometers away from the volcano so we hopped onto that after. It was scary at first but that feeling on being in the middle of such a beautiful place, onto a huge swing was so satisfying. I felt so grateful to be there. 
By the end of day 2, it was raining very heavily so we just ran towards our car and continued our tour to a coffee plantation and some stunning views of Kintamani village. By the way, we bought so many coffee and tea’s packets that I am sure we have it covered  for the rest of the year already. 

Day 3 
Bali Safari and Marine Park

This day was more like a regret because I didn’t realize that bali safari will be more of animals (that’s stupid), which I don’t know if they torture or aaah whatever. I highly recommend you to not visit it. They have designed an artificial habitat for tigers, lions, a variety of birds, leopards, orangutan and other animals. 

Day 4
Benoa beach tour for water sports 

Had to make this an ideal Bali holiday by experiencing water sports at the famous Tanjung Benoa Beach, best known for aquatic adventure. even though it is known to be away from any hustle or bustle, commercialization has made it so stinky and dirty. We did adventure parasailing, jet ski, and banana ride because we had pre-booked our tickets.

Day 5  
Uluwatu temple 

Built on the top cliff about 825 feet high facing the vast deep blue Indian ocean also offers a wonderful view of the sunset. I can describe this place just by saying ‘mee me where the sky touches the sea’ and now you can assume how pretty it was! We only visited Tanah lot temple and Uluwatu because we weren’t allowed to go inside. The temples there only open twice in a year which is on Holi and Diwali. Oh, how can I forget to mention my lunch at Queen’s, Ubud, It’s Bali’s one of the most famous Indian restaurants. They literally match to the Indian spices and variety. We had overeaten just to skip dinners.

That’s about it for today, 
I’m going to upload a next blog post mentioning about the do’s, don’t if you are traveling to Bali and other things which might help you.
Drop down your comments on how did you like this one, it would really mean a lot.
until next time,
Adi Anjaani

1 year ago


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