I’m sure even if you had put extra moisturizer on your face it still got damaged because of the harsh colors used. Honestly, my skin loses it’s glow no matter how much I prepare it beforehand. So, today, I’m going to share one of the facial packs that I recently came across which assists me in deep cleansing and detoxifying all the chemicals that might make my skin dull.

Be it any product, no matter how herbal the brand is, i strongly suggest you from my personal experience that you must do a patch test so that you get to know weather the product will be reacting on your skin or not. If there is any sort of irritation or burning sensation please do not use that prooduct.

This product in particular by TBC comes with a Charcoal Bleach Cream, activator along with a stapula and a tray to make the paste. Very simple to use, just mix cream and activator in ratio 4:1 and apply the paste uniformly onto your face, keep it for 7 minutes and rinse it off.

Try not using it on a regular basis, give your skin time to breathe and apply it may be one a week.

Happy Holi from me and my family to you and yours. Hope you had a great one.Also, let me know if you want me to do a giveaway of the same,
Until next time,
Adi Anjaani

11 months ago

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