Meanwhile, an entire year passed by and I accept the fact that 2018 has been under achievable. I feel like I need to sign up for new things. By that, I don’t mean to start off with another side business/work but just learn a new skill. I really want to learn how to edit videos and start off with just IGTV or Youtube weekly or something.  This blog is nothing less than my beloved and this year I don’t want to go silent here, at all.  

Before we go any further with this, A very happy new year to each one of you out there. Trust me when I say this, New year’s eve for me has nothing to do with outfit or party plans but I am always  anxious during that time because you realize you are down with another year and you need to be able to achieve things in the upcoming year.

My ultimate goal or say resolution for this year is to have short-term success every once in a while. I strongly believe in universe and energies and how your thoughts become things. First, introspect and realize what is it that you really want. It can be anything. From developing a small habit to a life-changing goal and then just send it to the universe in the any form. I’d probably put the list of my goals right in front of me to remind myself to do it everyday. But, don’t forget that this is not the tip or the trick for you to achieve anything you want.

In order to accomplish our objectives, we need to get rid of all spoiling habits and trust me it can be as small as drinking plenty of water or skipping your daily sleep routine. We just need to get rid of the excuses. Make a goal and keep working for it. 

I feel this generation runs more after unconventional jobs and let me just comprehend it for you that all these things don’t really work until you have a goal and you hustle every day for it. As quoted in How to be a bawse, by Lilly Singh ,”The universe may like the law of attraction but it likes a good hustle even more.”

 I want to get out of my zone, do a little extra, every day than i regularly do. Looking forward to do a whole bunch of new things here. 2019 should be the year that makes you a better version of you. That’s it for today, Happy new year and I hope this is the best year of your life.

Adi Anjaani

Location – Cafe Bokan, East of kailash
Photographer – Divyanshu Singh 

Sweater – Brand Factory 
Jeans  – Myntra
Boots – Street Style Store
1 year ago


  1. Happy New Year Cutie!😍
    Feeling so motivated after reading your blog.🤩
    Hope you achieve all your goals this year.❤️

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