“Aditi, you’re not on the blog, since quite some time now!”, My Friend nodded me.

I had been seldomly posting content on my Instagram account lately. I had this realization that posting ‘ordinary’ pictures would do injustice to the kind of profession I’m trying to build up for myself. It would have contributed to the question mark that Indian fashion blogging career has!

I’m not trying to disrespect anybody’s profession here because I am also a part of it somewhere down the line but I very strongly affirm that blogging is much more to look at than just executing sponsored content on the gram. I personally have interned with an Indian fashion blogger and have met some mainstream bloggers too. Everybody is just in a continual hurdle to get in touch with the PR’s, make contacts, get collaborations and literally that’s about it. There is indeed a lot of hard work that goes behind the content creation. I have personally not achieved anything so far in the same field but this race of constantly being under pressure of gaining insights of your business and getting sponsored products and what not has become a turn off for me lately.

Bloggers are supposed to put up their opinions, talk about real issues, which I barely observe, to be honest. The reason why we have a question mark is that we constantly struggle to maintain a feed with a theme but nobody is actually, in reality, write. They do not blog. They Instagram! I recently collaborated with a beauty brand and no doubt the PR agencies put so many limitations on you that you barely get a chance to open up out there. I really thought that reviewing a product was more like using it and then giving honest reviews to your audience but these days it seems to be more like just posing in a certain way with a product because its a ‘campaign’ going on. I mean the idea behind collaborating with an influencer is to push them to create unique work. I don’t blame everybody here, I genuinely love some of the Mumbai based Bloggers, they have phenomenal style sense and they know what there are doing.

Saloni Chopra, an actor, influencer and a feminist who bluntly talks about societal norms, gender roles, stereotypes and a lot more on her Instagram page by the name of @redgeadwayfarer. I have never come across anybody online who is plainly sharing their opinions and wants to bring a change in society, she has been inspiring and pushing her audience to have an opinion.

Instagram and this generation, in particular, is fast moving and me being a part of it I know that we stick a type of content for fractions of seconds. I have had a little too much going on in my head and that is pretty much the reason why I had decided to take an off from everything I was doing. I just needed some space to decided how I have to go further with things and how I have to not get affected by numbers but I have to focus on quality.

An update on the plans for the next few weeks: finally got over with my college submissions. So, planning to shoot and post regularly, shopping literally every alternative day and heading to two new places in the upcoming months. Even though enough has not been done so far on this blog, but it’s never too late, right? I hope to cover up everything that I have lacked this year. Appreciating how far I have come and what all I have learned. It feels so grateful to have met some new people who have changed me in a good way.

You are going to be great 2019!
Until next time,
Adi Anjaani


Sweater: Max Fashion

Photographer: Mehr Kalra

1 year ago


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